As Long As I May Sing

Lohja Soi


As Long As I May Sing

  • 12 - Aug - 2018
  • 15:00
  • Laurentius Hall
  • As Long As I May Sing
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Oskar Merikanto composed a large quantity of songs to texts by Finnish poets. The composer felt  closely attuned with the poetry of J. H. Erkko, and this concert is named after one of those poems. In the concert, star vocalists are accompanied by a folk instrument ensemble with a wide array of instruments. The song arrangements make good use of a variety of styles and genres. Inspiration has been drawn from e.g. jazz and world music. Merikanto’s lieder have become an integral part of Finnish music culture. The embraceable melodies and common themes of the songs make it easy for generation after generation to relate to these works.

Hanna-Kaisa Nyrönen, soprano
Mika Kares, bass
Esko Grundström and Tomas Takolander, folk instruments
Tuomo Huhdanpää, percussion
Charles Ng, saxophone

Tickets: 25 € / 30 € / 35 €




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