World Renowned Baritone

Lohja Soi


World Renowned Baritone

  • 08 - Aug - 2018
  • 19:00
  • Laurentius Hall
  • World Renowned Baritone
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Kristian Attila, a particularly accomplished lied pianist, and Tommi Hakala, a world famous baritone, have more than 20 years of shared musical history behind them. At the Laurentius Hall, the duo performs a German-Austrian-Finnish repertoire. The concert includes music by Hugo Wolf and Johannes Brahms, as well as sequel songs composed for the poems of Lassi Nummi: Syyskesän laulu (Mikko Heiniö), and Vuoripaimen (Seppo Nummi).

Tommi Hakala, baritone
Kristian Attila, piano

Tickets: 25 € / 30 € / 35 €


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